GPS for Earthmoving Industries

GeoLogic Computer Systems provides machine guidance and control software for a variety of earthmoving industries.

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Landfill Management

Tools to optimize compaction, build to plan and provide reporting to management.

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Solutions for a wide variety of agricultural water management needs.

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Suitable for a wide variety of earthmoving projects.

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Surveying and Stakeout

Tools for surveying, point-finding and stakeout to compliment the contractors’ needs.

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Our Products

Earthmoving software for the Agricultural, Construction, Surveying and Landfill industries.

GCS:Density for Landfill Management

The GeoLogic Orion™ System is powered by GCS:Density, the most advanced landfill software on the market.

GCS:Topo for Surveying

Rapidly map fields and locate objects with GCS:Topo.

GCS:Pipe for Agricultural Drain Tiling

Lay tile using self propelled tile plows or towed farm plows.

GCS:Ditch for Agricultural Surface Drainage

Control surface water to increase yields, reduce the loss of nitrogen, phosphates and potassium and keep fertilizer where it belongs.

GCS:Dirt for Construction

Accurate machine controlled grading and earthmoving using RTK/GPS.

GCS:Dirt for Agriculture

Using GPS and machine control to implement complex shape and grade plans that eliminate standing water and improve irrigation.

GCS:Level for Land Leveling

Land leveling guided in real time by GPS at a low cost.

About GeoLogic

GeoLogic Computer Systems was established in 1996 and developed its first GPS-based construction product in 1998.

In 2012, GeoLogic developed the GeoLogic Orion™ system, its latest landfill GPS system. No other software available offers the features, support, and ease of use to its customers at such a low cost.

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Our news

18 Jul Galileo Outage on July 12

Reposted from Point of Beginning Magazine: On July 12, 2019, the BBC reported the Galileo network had suffered an outage related to ground infrastructure. The outage meant that receivers would ...

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25 Jun Tips for Handling Landfill Leachate

The rising costs of leachate treatment and public concern about hazardous liquids being introduced into the environment has caused landfill owners to seek the best ways to manage leachate. Of ...

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25 May How Technology can Optimize Air space, Increase Compaction and Improve Landfill Management

The most valuable commodity and most vexing challenge a landfill owner faces is that of airspace. He/she must figure out how to leverage available airspace so that maximum density or ...

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