GeoLogic Computer Systems provides machine guidance and control software for a variety of earthmoving industries.

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Landfill Management

Tools to optimize compaction, build to plan and provide reporting to management.

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Solutions for a wide variety of agricultural water management needs.

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Suitable for a wide variety of earthmoving projects.

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Surveying and Stakeout

Tools for surveying, point-finding and stakeout to compliment the contractors’ needs.

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Our Products

Earthmoving software for the Agricultural, Construction, Surveying and Landfill industries.

GCS:Density for Landfill Management

The GeoLogic Orion™ System is powered by GCS:Density, the most advanced landfill software on the market.

GCS:Topo for Surveying

Rapidly map fields and locate objects with GCS:Topo.

GCS:Pipe for Agricultural Drain Tiling

Lay tile using self propelled tile plows or towed farm plows.

GCS:Ditch for Agricultural Surface Drainage

Control surface water to increase yields, reduce the loss of nitrogen, phosphates and potassium and keep fertilizer where it belongs.

GCS:Dirt for Construction

Accurate machine controlled grading and earthmoving using RTK/GPS.

GCS:Dirt for Agriculture

Using GPS and machine control to implement complex shape and grade plans that eliminate standing water and improve irrigation.

GCS:Level for Land Leveling

Land leveling guided in real time by GPS at a low cost.

About GeoLogic

GeoLogic Computer Systems was established in 1996 and developed its first GPS-based construction product in 1998.

In 2012, GeoLogic developed the GeoLogic Orion™ system, its latest landfill GPS system. No other software available offers the features, support, and ease of use to its customers at such a low cost.

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Our news

14 Mar Software formerly known as AMW-Works is now the GeoSite Manager System

As of February 23, 2018, GeoLogic Computers Systems has acquired sole ownership of the copyright to the software formerly known as AMW-Works that was built on GeoLogic software known under ...

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