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Station Based Grade Checking (SBGC) is a system used to stake, grade or check linear projects. Excellent for construction of roadways, ditching projects, airport runways, and long distance trenching projects.
  • Use of machine control or guidance with this module gives you total design control.
  • The operator can see his position based on station and cross section with cut and fill information available immediately on screen.
  • Program calculates the grade anywhere on the surface of the road as well as any surface out of the limits of your cross sections.
  • Transitions, atypical cross-sections, super elevations, vertical curves, independent ditch sections and their offsets are all easily and accurately handled.
  • Provides accurate information for locating and placing slope stakes, shoulder points, centerline and ditch stakes.
  • Export/import data easily to/from most civil and survey CAD programs.
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