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Laying pipe and building drains requires planning and precision, and the control to match. GCS: Pipe brings the accuracy of a surveyor and the expertise of an engineer into your operators cab. Using GCS:Pipe©, you can lay pipe exactly to plan, map your progress, and then provide accurate data to your customer proving the quality of your work. In the event a section of pipe requires maintenance, your pipe is now easy to find - no exploratory digging required.
  • Build curved and straight paths easily.
  • Calculate the best invert fit for every tile line installed to contractor specifications: minimum and maximum slope, desired optimum tile depth, and others.
  • When using a laser exclusively for position, depth can be controlled even if the grade of the laser is the opposite of the pass.
  • Correct course as necessary - Real pass and planned pass are displayed together graphically on screen.
  • Minimum depth, maximum depth, or ideal depth are displayed graphically on screen before and during installation.
  • Make Manual operator adjustments without deviating from the plan, with automatic software compensation that allows you flexibility while keeping the operator on-target.
  • Export/import data easily to/from most civil and survey CAD programs.
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