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Landfill Operation Analysis
Monitor and Analyze Performance
GCS: Density includes reporting functions to help landfill management keep tabs on their operation and track performance. The GeoLogic Orion™ gives management the productivity and performance information they need to make informed decisions next day, instead of next quarter. It gives managers a second set of eyes on the hill to oversee progress and ensure operational efficiency.

The reporting and analysis functions include:
  • Real-time compaction monitoring
  • Waste volume and density reporting
  • Machine movement reports and playback
  • Daily "special point" logs
  • Archived and point collection records and maps
Monitor Compaction Activity From The Office
GCS:Density© allows Landfill Management to view the same progress information seen by machine operators while monitoring the position of multiple machines in the field in real time. Managers have many obligations, and rarely have time to oversee operations on the hill first-hand. With GCS:Density©, you can check progress from your office, without having to drive to the work-site.

Track Fill Volume and Waste Density
The GeoLogic Orion™ is constantly recording survey data as your machines work. The software uses this survey data to calculate daily fill volume and waste density reports. Managers use the reports to track waste density performance and get immediate feedback on the effectiveness of their operational changes. Many smaller operations cannot afford to pay for monthly or quarterly surveys, and appreciate the ability to conduct their own surveys and track waste density changes on a more frequent interval.

"We use the system’s daily compaction information to know which machines or which techniques work best, such as whether vertical box-pattern packing, a 1-on-4 grade or a 1-on-6 is best... With this system, you can actually try each technique, and see numbers that show you which one works better."1

Analyze Machine Activity
GCS:Density© includes several machine performance tools, graphs and statistics to assist managers in evaluating the productivity of their operators, including:
  • graphs of machine speed, elevation and slope
  • total time
  • total time idle
  • percentage of the total spent idle
  • total distance traveled
  • average machine speed
  • a daily activity playback mode
This information can have many uses, including evaluating whether or not an operator is spending too much time parked and not enough time pushing waste after a density report showed a drop in waste density.

"If my daily density starts to drop, I’ll check the machine idle time statistics. If I see, say, 42% idle time, I then know what the problem is. If, however, the density is getting a little light, and I check the machine idle time and it turns out to be reasonable, then I look at other things, such as the amount of moisture in the trash. The system helps me decide what to do next. It’s a diagnostics tool."1

Record Hot Loads and Other "Special Points"
Operators have the ability to quickly mark the location of buried hot loads (such as asbestos or sludge), either as a single point or as a perimeter of points. This information is archived as a daily report for later reference. This functionality can also be used to record the location of new construction, such as buried piping or exposed wellheads.

Archive Detailed Movement Records and Survey Data
As each machine outfitted with the GeoLogic Landfill GPS System moves, it records its position as a time-stamped point. Collectively, these points comprise a detailed, updated survey (digital terrain model) which is archived daily. This information can have many uses when landfill management needs to research their fill history. GeoLogic customers have used this information for creative purposes, including, at the request of local authorities, narrowing down the exact area and depth of waste fill for a specific date and time range, to assist in an investigation. Management may not initially have a use in mind for this kind of data, but it is reassuring knowing it is available in the event that it is needed.

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