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GeoLogic Orion™
The GeoLogic Orion™ is powered by GCS:Density©, the most advanced deflection-based GPS landfill software on the market. GCS: Density helps landfills maximize cell capacity, utilize compactors more efficiently, and guide operators in building to site plan. Manage a fleet of compactors with GCS: Density and squeeze every last inch of capacity out of a cell with real-time surface information. The performance and efficiency of GCS:Density© is unrivaled by competing products - no other GPS landfill system brings the same singular focus to your business.
  • Track waste density accurately - don't just count passes, get real-time surface deflection information, pass-by-pass.
  • Access information easily with an in-cab touch screen computer interface.
  • Monitor compaction and construction progress from the landfill office in real time.
  • Save fuel and improve compactor efficiency by avoiding unnecessary compaction passes.
  • Mark and locate special loads.
  • See the whole picture - track daily fill volume, fill density, compactor performance and remaining cell/landfill airspace.
  • Compatible with Caterpillar, Al-Jon, Bomag and Terex landfill equipment.
  • Quickly moved between any vehicle with a GeoLogic Computer Systems Wiring Harness.
  • Export/import data easily to/from most civil and survey CAD programs.

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